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Focused-spectrum psychedelics for mental health

Fully integrated, pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing therapeutics for accessible treatment of psychiatric diseases


Develop better and accessible treatments for psychiatric disorders derived from under-researched entheogenic compounds


Bring our lead compound, a psilocybin-synergistic tryptamine combination, that has shown pre-clinical evidence of better and longer-lasting efficacy, into clinical proof of concept in obsessive- compulsive disorder


Leverage the neuroplastic effects of entheogen-derived molecules for psychiatric therapies

Dosing schedules and formulations that avoid the hallucinogenic effects

Microbial biomanufacturing platform

Achievements from discovery to the clinic


Major research correlating mushrooms, tryptamines and psychedelic experience


World-first, cell-based 5- MeO-DMT


Demonstrated superiority of P601 over synthetic psilocybin including duration and efficacy in disease models and increased synaptic plasticity (biomarkers, IEG, behavioral phenotyping and metabolomics)


Strong patent position for key indications and broad, defensible bio- manufacturing IP

8 filed patents


AI-based phenotypic screening in 2 non-human models

In-house fully equipped zebrafish laboratory for high throughput screening

LC-MS/MS, UHPLC-MS, MS- Flash, cell culture laboratory


cGMP level biomass production facility

Proprietary extraction, purification and fractionation technology


Microbial manufacturing using novel method and technology


OCD trial preparation with top-tier advisors

Health economics/RWE capabilities for future reimbursement strategies

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